Mirissa's Luxury Hideaway

Luxury in the Green hills of Mirissa just minutes from the beach.
Local time in sri lanka:
Local time 6:45 PM
Sunny, 24° C
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Welcome to Mirissa

Welcome to The Nine Mirissa

Whether you're lounging by the pool or surfing the waves, The Nine offers the ultimate comfort for all. Nestled in Mirissa's lush hills, this retreat is perfect for connecting with nature and immersing in local culture.
mirissa beach villamirissa beach villa
Body and soul paradise

Relax to Nature's Melody

The Nine Mirissa Massage Experience

Indulge in personalised massage treatments in your room or on the terrace, surrounded by Mirissa's serene beauty. Our expert therapists tailor massages and aromatherapy for your ultimate relaxation. Enjoy luxury spa experiences without leaving the comfort of The Nine.

  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Signature Full-Body Massage
  • Stress-Relief Massage
  • Relaxing Couples' Massage
  • Revitalizing Head and Neck Massage
  • ..& much more!
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Experience Mirissa's Culinary Wonders

Dining at The Nine

Treat yourself to a culinary journey at The Nine, where the amazing flavors of Sri Lanka come to life. Our menu, rich with locally sourced seafood and produce, celebrates the island's culinary diversity.

We offer a spectrum of traditional Sri Lankan dishes, as well as a variety of international options, all crafted to cater to diverse palates, including vegan and vegetarian-friendly choices.

Explore our menu
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Relax to the sound of the Sri Lankas Nature

Live unforgettable moments

At The Nine Mirissa, find peace, adventure, and the heart of Sri Lankan culture. Enjoy quiet, sunlit mornings, fun surf waves, and friendly local smiles. Every day is a chance for a special memory, just a short walk from Mirissa Beach. Your perfect getaway is here.


Get ready for fun in Mirissa's great outdoors. Ride the waves, hike through the forest, or go see the whales. Mirissa is all about big adventures."


Find your chill in Mirissa. Listen to the waves, get a soothing massage, and just kick back. Mirissa is the place to take it easy and feel good.

Local Culture

Dive into Mirissa's local scene. Hang out at Coconut Tree Hill, enjoy the music and food, check out the handmade crafts, and get a real feel for the local way of life.

Honeymoons & other events

Special Occasions

Capture memorable occasions in Mirissa. From romantic honeymoons and landmark anniversaries to private events that demand a touch of luxury.

Capture the essence of celebration with bespoke experiences and personalized services. Our scenic backdrop is perfect for intimate gatherings and exclusive photoshoots that celebrate your special moments.

  • Engagements and Honeymoons
  • Private Events
  • Photoshoots
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