Whale watching – Whale watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, is an incredible experience. Mirissa is one of the best places in the world to see blue whales, and so whale watching is one of the best things to do in this area of Sri Lanka. The main whale-watching season in Mirissa runs from November to April, with sightings on around 95% of trips during this time. From May to October tours still run, but sightings are less common due to rougher seas.

Palm tree grove – The best place to watch sunset in Mirissa is Palm tree grove. Although it’s only approximately a 30-minute walk from the main beach, few people venture here so you may even have the place to yourself. There’s something special about the way the palm trees line up here that make it a beautiful spot to visit.

There are 2 ways to reach palm tree grove. Either walk along the main road out of Mirissa town until you reach Maison D’hotes Sanda Beach. From there take the path on your right and you’ll come to a gate, behind which you should be able to walk directly to the palm trees. Alternatively, walk from Mirissa beach along the seafront past parrot rock and continue round until you eventually reach the palm trees. Once you’re there you can find a good spot and just enjoy the view!

Surfing – Mirissa does have some relatively large waves – good for beginner and intermediate surfers. In particular a lot of surfers seem to gather near palm tree grove to ride the waves. If you’re looking to surf, the locals will be friendly enough to point you in the right direction.

Mirissa beach – Mirissa beach is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing few days in Sri Lanka. It was one of our favourite beaches in the country, although admittedly we didn’t see too many! You can easily spend a few days enjoying the sun and cooling off in the waters of Mirissa beach.

Parrot Rock - Right on Mirissa Beach is a small rock where you can climb up and see a bit of the Mirissa area. You have to walk a little bit through the water and with the high tide or wild water it’s not recommended to go here.

Polhena beach – If you’re hoping to go snorkeling in the area, catch a bus towards Matara and visit Polhena beach. Although the visibility isn’t great, there’s a reef to explore and turtles are regularly spotted here. It’s a great place for a day trip, although try to visit on a weekday, as weekends can be more crowded with locals also heading to the beach!

Secret beach – Many travel blogs have documented a secret beach as one of the places to visit in Mirissa. As a result though, it’s not so much of a secret anymore. When we visited the area was quite busy, which we weren’t expecting, although this may be as we visited during the Christmas period. Sadly, the beach is also quite stony both in and out of the water. Personally we were left feeling disappointed with Mirissa’s ‘hidden gem’ and so didn’t spend long there before heading back to the main beach.

Coconut Grove - A 15-minute from Mirissa Beach is a small coconut farm on a hilltop. The view or sunset view from here is simply amazing. It’s quite easy to get here since the place is on Google Maps. You can access it via one of the restaurants nearby or by a small walk through the water. Be careful with the coconuts, we can tell from our own experience that coconuts will fall from trees.